Iceland - day 3

On the 3rd day we visited two caves - Arnarker and Raufarholshellir. The latter was a lot better, having holes in the ceiling giving light. Unfortunately it was also quite popular and I didn’t have my tripod with me there, so in the end - I don’t have any good photos from it.

After getting back to Road number 1 (which is the only main road on the island, it goes around Iceland in a circle), we stopped when we saw icelandic horses near the road. They can be seen and “met” in various places. They tend to be very curious creatures, coming up to the fence to check up on you, once you arrive. Beautiful animals.

Urridafoss Waterfall

Strokkur Geysir was the only one we saw actually exploding into the air. It goes off around every 10 minutes and the eruption is quick without warning signs. So imagine standing there without a tripod, with camera up in the air and holding that for couple of minutes in standby, trying to capture a perfect shot. My arms were not amused. ;) We didn’t have perfect light but were able to catch it. :)

And last stop before going to the camping site - Faxafoss / Vatnsleysufoss waterfall (not sure which name is the official one).


Iceland - day 1/2

My trip to Iceland in 2016 was one of my favourites so far. Amazing views, landscapes not seen in other parts of Europe, the vastness of land, lots of birds.. I definitely will go back. :)

First night, after arrival, was pretty brutal. We settled with a tent near Gardur lighthouse on the camping site. Given it was end of July we weren’t quite adjusted to the night temperatures on Iceland. Also the spot was very windy, so in the end, we didn’t had much sleep. But it was better on the following nights.

We got up early in the morning and started shooting the lighthouse and nearby area.

Following route 44 and then 425 we found a large colony of arctic terns. It was quite the view, a lot of young terns were sitting on the road, waiting to be fed. Unfortunately also a lot of them dies from the cars, when they don’t leave quickly enough.

We visited the site where Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet. It is measured that they drift apart approximately 2cm per year.

Next stop was Gunnuhver hot springs, Reykjanesviti lighthouse and nearby Eldey Cliffs.

Here I am trying to shoot some seagulls. And our next stop - Grindavik village and it’s port.

Following the road 427 we saw vast areas with volcanic rocks covered with moss. Very unique view.


We also visited stunning Graenavatn lake with it’s amazing water colour. Not like anything else I’ve seen.

Very close to Graenavatn is Seltun Geothermal area.

We settled for a night on a camping site near Strandarkirkja church, which we also visited. There were more arctic terns feeding their offspring on the camping site which made for a nice evening for me. :) Younglings weren’t really scared much and allowed for a close observation.

Czech Jizera Mountains

Late in 2017 I was on a 4 day workshop in Jizera Mountains on Czech side. We visited few places, got up at 4am, climbed the mountain in the dark, took photos, came down to rest and eat and in the afternoon climbed another place, took photos and came back in the dark. I must tell that it was very tiring. I was expecting a little better photos but you can’t really control weather (although it was not all bad) and I wasn’t really “feeling” all the places. But it was fun I do not regret doing it. And I really needed a group nudge to wake up and climb a mountain so early in the morning, basically doing it being half asleep. :)

First small patch is from Palicznik peak, sunset time. A lot of clouds unfortunately.

Second patch was taken during sunrise from Frýdlantské Cimbuří peak, then catched waterfalls on the way down.

Third patch is from sunrise from Jizera peak.

Last sunrise - village Jizerka.

Lastly, on my way back I snapped a photo of Frydlant Castle.


Germany 2017, day 6

On our last day we had 3 distinct stops. The first one was a lovely little city Mittenwald with wonderfully painted buildings. Sort of essence and a postcard of Bavaria. It’s also famous for the manufacture of violins, violas and cellos.

Next we went to Leutascher Gorge which is right next to Mittenwald but already in Austria. Very picturesque walk, slightly above 1,5km long. Maight not be suitable for people with fear of heights.

I enjoyed the walk very much but processing those photos was a nightmare. Whatever I did I wasn’t happy with the result (and I am still unhappy). I would have posted this a long time ago if it wasn’t for those gorge photos. Well, maybe one day I’ll re-do them. :) All the distortions are due to fisheye lenses.

Our last stop was in Ga-Pa (Garmisch-Partenkirchen) and a second portion of amazing paintings on the buildings. Enjoy. :)

Scotland 2018 video

Hi guys! I’ve recently came back from my trip to Scotland, here’s a short video from it. :) Photos will come, not sure when. You can always check Facebook for the most recent photos.

Videos are shot by me and my friend I went with - Krzysztof Juszczak.
Music by: Jon Worthy and the Bends - Please Tell Me