Puszcza Białowieska - day 1

So.. Early this year I went to Puszcza Białowieska to try my wildlife photography on more professional level with hideouts and people who takes care of them - www.wildlifephotography.pl . They offer a wide range of different trips to "shoot" different type of animals. The organization was great and I met some really nice people. I had a bit of bad luck when it comes to weather - it was absolutely freezing cold with temperatures during the day between -17*C and -22*C. If I go next year (and I plan to do so) I will definitely need better shoes.. :) It was nice on one hand - sun on the first day worked really well with small birds at the bird feeder who were there throughout the day. But on the last day, when we were trying to shoot birds of prey it was not that good.

But in general I am very happy that I went there. Of course I was a bit sad that I didn't have better photo equipment, but that's a never ending story, really. I really, really hate the noise on my APSC, but it would be so expensive to switch to FF. :(

So here are some of the best shots I was able to make during day one. Mostly Tits and Woodpeckers. :)