Iceland - day 5

5th day.. First stop - Solheimajokull glacier. Very dirty one, not so picturesque. One good thing - you can walk up to the ice sheet, there are no huge water tanks or other obstacles. The road leading towards it was very nice.

Next stop - one of the places I really wanted to visit - the wreckage of US Navy DC plane. It’s well known but I guess not everyone wants to walk 4 km from the parking (or something that serves it’s role) and then 4km back to the car. Few years earlier it was possible to drive all the way (or almost all the way) to the plane but since then owners of the fields, between road no 1 and crash site, closed it to vehicles. The plane itself crashed on the beach in 1973 due to fuel problems and is lying there to this day. Of course it had been stripped of most important machine parts. The beach sand is dark brown / black which makes for really neat effect. Unfortunately for us a storm was coming (can be seen on one photo) and therefore we had to walk last 2km back to the car in the rain.

All soaked wet we rode to Kirkufjara beach. There we waited for a while in the car for the rain to stop and visited this lovely black beach. We had our first encounter with Puffins although they were not easily accessible for photos. I would love to go back to this place but in nicer weather.

Iceland - day 1/2

My trip to Iceland in 2016 was one of my favourites so far. Amazing views, landscapes not seen in other parts of Europe, the vastness of land, lots of birds.. I definitely will go back. :)

First night, after arrival, was pretty brutal. We settled with a tent near Gardur lighthouse on the camping site. Given it was end of July we weren’t quite adjusted to the night temperatures on Iceland. Also the spot was very windy, so in the end, we didn’t had much sleep. But it was better on the following nights.

We got up early in the morning and started shooting the lighthouse and nearby area.

Following route 44 and then 425 we found a large colony of arctic terns. It was quite the view, a lot of young terns were sitting on the road, waiting to be fed. Unfortunately also a lot of them dies from the cars, when they don’t leave quickly enough.

We visited the site where Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet. It is measured that they drift apart approximately 2cm per year.

Next stop was Gunnuhver hot springs, Reykjanesviti lighthouse and nearby Eldey Cliffs.

Here I am trying to shoot some seagulls. And our next stop - Grindavik village and it’s port.

Following the road 427 we saw vast areas with volcanic rocks covered with moss. Very unique view.


We also visited stunning Graenavatn lake with it’s amazing water colour. Not like anything else I’ve seen.

Very close to Graenavatn is Seltun Geothermal area.

We settled for a night on a camping site near Strandarkirkja church, which we also visited. There were more arctic terns feeding their offspring on the camping site which made for a nice evening for me. :) Younglings weren’t really scared much and allowed for a close observation.