New animals photos

I had fun recently in Poznań, I was able to photograph city's wildlife. Here are first shots of little Mallards and Red Squirrel, more will come when I have the time.

Milicz Ponds

Few shots from year 2013. Milicz ponds is a lovely place, full of wildlife, specially birds. I really like to go there, feel close to nature and listen to birds singing.

Łazienki Park

Łazienkowski Park in Warsaw is a place well known amongst Poles. Everyone heard of it at least once in school. This 76 hectare park and palace complex lies in the Warsaw center and was designed in XVIII century. It looks gorgeous in spring with juicy green trees and bushes and many flowers in different parts of the park. Hungry after winter, red squirrels are all over the place looking for snacks. Below you can see Chopin's statue and an old Orangery.

Tadorna Ferruginea

I managed to process one more photo from my last visit to the ZOO. There are many birds that live freely on the ZOO area and this duck is one of them. Few words about it:

The Ruddy Shelduck (Tadorna ferruginea) is a member of the duck, goose and swan family Anatidae. It is in the shelduck subfamily Tadorninae. In India it is known as the Brahminy Duck.

There are very small resident populations of this species in north west Africa and Ethiopia, but the main breeding area of this species is from southeast Europe across central Asia to Southeast Asia. These birds are mostly migratory, wintering in the Indian Subcontinent. This is a bird of open country, and it will breed on cliffs, in burrows, tree holes or crevices distant from water, laying 6-16 creamy-white eggs, incubated for 30 days. The Ruddy Shelduck is usually found in pairs or small groups and rarely forms large flocks. However, moulting and wintering gatherings on chosen lakes or slow rivers can be very large.

Gallery additions

A have added a new gallery from hiking trip in Karkonosze last year and also uploaded new bird photos to Animals gallery from this year's visit to Wrocław ZOO.