Iceland - day 11

Another day, another location. This time we entered Western Fjords and travelled through the main road up to Isafjordur, where we stayed for the night. Western Fjords are amazing and full of wonderful landscapes, unfortunately for us sunny weather has ended and we even didn’t see them in full glory and all of its colours. Smurf house at Holmavik aside, all photos were made “on the road” without tracking specific locations.

Happy 2015!

For the start - I would like to wish all of you many wonderful moments during 2015 year, take the best of it! For myself I wish more courage to reach my goals and, of course, many new good photos. :)

Today I would like to present my Sister's cat - Luna. I spent some time with her during Christmas. Does not look like, but she has been taken from the dumpster. Must have had a classy father since she does not look like a regular cat. Does not like to be touched and not really interested in being a model, but she was patient with me for a while.  A big ball of fur...