Iceland - day 8

8th day meant driving into east coast of Iceland. Not many waterfalls there but a lot of amazing landscapes to photograph. I honestly had a hard time choosing photos to show and there are more that I wanted to show in the first place, but what the hell. ;)

After the night at Haukafell camping we rode to Höfn.

Next stop was little town called Djupivogur. We saw the most amazing landscapes driving there.

After quick lunch in Djupivogur we went further north along east coast, driving road number 1. We settled for the night at Egilsstadir camping before exploring north the next day.

Iceland - day 4

4th day started with Gullfoss waterfall. Very big, picturesque, not that easy to photograph. There are many angles and places to shoot from but I wasn’t entirely happy with them. Also it’s a very popular attraction.

While travelling through Iceland I was constantly amused by huge “tourists buses”, big ass 4x4 cars. This is unlike anything else.

I bought cheap Samyang fish-eye lenses shortly before this trip. I never thought I would use in on horses, but here it is. :) We met those horses near Keldur turf houses. One of the few still left and well preserved. The area was small and not that eye catching as Glaumbauer, but if you don’t plan to go far from Reykjavik, it’s definitely worth visiting.

Rest of the day was filled with more waterfalls. Starting with the most famous Seljalandsfoss. It’s a must-go place, even though it can get crowded. A few meters on the left from Seljalandsfoss is Gljufrabui waterfall. It’s absolutely amazing, hidden, you have to pass a narrow rock passage walking on the stones (because river flows over there from the waterfall). Inside it’s very wet, so be careful about your photo equipment.

One of Icelandic farms. Not so far behind there is famous Eyjafjallajokull which erupted in 2010, causing a lot of problems.

We settled for a night on a camping site right in front of another famous waterfall - Skogafoss. It was featured in Game of Thrones. It almost impossible to take a wider shot without people in the frame so if you’re planning on doing one - go very early in the morning.

Iceland - day 3

On the 3rd day we visited two caves - Arnarker and Raufarholshellir. The latter was a lot better, having holes in the ceiling giving light. Unfortunately it was also quite popular and I didn’t have my tripod with me there, so in the end - I don’t have any good photos from it.

After getting back to Road number 1 (which is the only main road on the island, it goes around Iceland in a circle), we stopped when we saw icelandic horses near the road. They can be seen and “met” in various places. They tend to be very curious creatures, coming up to the fence to check up on you, once you arrive. Beautiful animals.

Urridafoss Waterfall

Strokkur Geysir was the only one we saw actually exploding into the air. It goes off around every 10 minutes and the eruption is quick without warning signs. So imagine standing there without a tripod, with camera up in the air and holding that for couple of minutes in standby, trying to capture a perfect shot. My arms were not amused. ;) We didn’t have perfect light but were able to catch it. :)

And last stop before going to the camping site - Faxafoss / Vatnsleysufoss waterfall (not sure which name is the official one).