Hike to Snieznik

In September 2017, during my few days off from work I took a hike to Snieznik mountain (1426 m a.s.l.). It was a cold, foggy day, but I just love walking through a forest in a thick fog.

Germany 2017, day 3

On the third day, in a lovely weather, we visited two castles in close proximity - Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Both are beautifully decorated on the inside, unfortunately photos were not allowed. No wonder Disney's Castle was inspired by Neuschwanstein. :)

Abandoned Locomotive Depot

Late in 2012 I went with my photo colleagues to check on old, abandoned locomotive depot in Wrocław, Poland. The place is almost stripped off of everything, it's hard to find information on when it stopped operating.

Abandoned brewery

Early in the 2013 I went with a photo group to visit old brewery. It was pretty damn cold, but the day was exciting. It's a great place for a photo shoot. If I only didn't have so much trouble with my tripod, it would have been even better!

About the place: Górka is a small village near city Sobótka in the south-eastern Poland, in Lower Silesia. Górka Brewery was found in year 1812 by baron Ernst von Luttwitz and was functioning till 1997. Right now, the building is abandoned, slowly turning into ruins.