Iceland - day 8

8th day meant driving into east coast of Iceland. Not many waterfalls there but a lot of amazing landscapes to photograph. I honestly had a hard time choosing photos to show and there are more that I wanted to show in the first place, but what the hell. ;)

After the night at Haukafell camping we rode to Höfn.

Next stop was little town called Djupivogur. We saw the most amazing landscapes driving there.

After quick lunch in Djupivogur we went further north along east coast, driving road number 1. We settled for the night at Egilsstadir camping before exploring north the next day.


Late in 2016 I went to visit Pstrąże, given rumours that it is being demolished (which was true). It's an old village, in Dolnoslaskie voivodeship, first mentioned in 1305. It was your usual village up until 1905 when it was modernized for the needs of German army. They built barracks, stables, provided bridge with railway connection (which is now the main entrance to the city for the explorers). After year 1945 the village was seized by Russians and used as military base till 1992. Russians change the name to Strachów (Страхув) for the time they were in charge. When Russian army left it fell under control of Polish army, which is patrolling the area till today. In late 2016, local administration started to demolish old living flats that were constructed by the Russians. Older, German buildings were left intact, for the time being. This village is sometimes referred as "Polish Pripyat".

Abandoned hospital in Legnica

Yesterday I spent a few hours in abandoned Russian hospital in Legnica. It was build in 1930s and served Wehrmacht. After WWII the Russians took over and left it in 1992. This very large complex, the longest building is 250m long.

Abandoned Locomotive Depot

Late in 2012 I went with my photo colleagues to check on old, abandoned locomotive depot in Wrocław, Poland. The place is almost stripped off of everything, it's hard to find information on when it stopped operating.

Abandoned brewery

Early in the 2013 I went with a photo group to visit old brewery. It was pretty damn cold, but the day was exciting. It's a great place for a photo shoot. If I only didn't have so much trouble with my tripod, it would have been even better!

About the place: Górka is a small village near city Sobótka in the south-eastern Poland, in Lower Silesia. Górka Brewery was found in year 1812 by baron Ernst von Luttwitz and was functioning till 1997. Right now, the building is abandoned, slowly turning into ruins.