Slovenia - part 5 - Piran and Bled at night

Last part of photos from my trip to Slovenia. :) Piran is a lovely city on the shore of Adriatic sea with it's architecture very much different from the one in Bled area. I strongly advise you to visit the Slovenian shore and explore it.

And here's Bled again, night time.

Slovenia - part 4 - Ljubljana

Few shots from Slovenia's capital - Ljubljana. Beautiful city, maybe not too much sites to visit, but the city centre (bridges!) is worth your time.

Slovenia - part 3 - Bohinj Lake

A few shots from Bohinj Lake area and Savica waterfall (which is very near Bohinj Lake).

Slovenia - part 2 - Vintgar

Here are some more shots from Slovenia, this time Vintgar canyon. It's suited just few kilometres from Bled and it's really picturesque. The hike is about 2 km long and leads to the waterfall.

Slovenia - part 1 - Lake Bled

First part of photos from my recent trip to Slovenia are ready. These were made on the Bled Castle and surroundings of Lake Bled.