Sweden - part 3 - rural areas, Eksharad, Rattvik

Fifth day started with Haverud Aqueduct in Dalsland area, place where road, railway and waterway meet.

We stopped at Ekenas, small village, very peaceful place. We stayed for the night at Ransaten Camping, nice place, 425SEK for a night.

Our 6th day started with Fryken Lake, then we went to Ekharad.

At the end of the day we spent the night at the greatest place during our whole visit - Camping Gronklitt Stugby Bjornen. It's not on a main track so it's not so obvious to find, but that's definitely worth it. 625SEK for a night at very high standard and very close to nature.

7th day - big car show at Rattvik. City is known for the longest pier in Scandinavia - 625m. Water in the lake was extremely clear.

While searching for a place to sleep we visited Camping Framby Udde.