Sweden - part 1 - Malmo, Goteborg

This is long overdue, but finally I finished with photos from my last vacation in Sweden. Our trip began in Rostock, Germany after a day-long ride by car, with overnight ferry to Malmo, Sweden.

Early in the morning, after arrival in Sweden we started sightseeing by walking around Malmo. Our first stop was the famous Turning Torso building and it's vicinity.

Because we started sightseeing so early in the morning, there was still time to find a place for the night and visit huge ZOO called Skanes Djurpark. I finally had a chance to see moose, as on my trip to Norway I didn't have the chance, they hid themselves very well. :) Shots didn't go well so only 4 from the park.

Our first night was at Ullstorps stuguthyrning camping with 600SEK for a night. This place is extremely quiet and peaceful. It's also very close to Skanes Djurpark ZOO and we even got discount for the ZOO just for staying there.

On our second day we travelled to Alingsås and stayed in Lygnareds Camping (350SEK/night), this time not a cabin but a room. We had a lazy evening, swim in the nearby lake (water was extremely clean and extremely cold!), play cards, just the usual stuff. We rested well before our trip to Göteborg the next day. The city welcomed us with heat and clean sky and a small welcome committee. We started with city's port. I wouldn't be myself if I didn't photograph birds and ships...

After this we went Maritiman museum. Visiting the ships inside the museum took as a few hours but it was definitely worth it. I took a lot of photos and selecting only few was a struggle!

The most interesting to see was Swedish submarine Nordkaparen from 1962.

Later we went to see more city centre, district called Haga was particularly eye-catching.

When you drive into Göteborg with your own car you will be directed to free parking spaces with electronic boards, very neat. We eventually stayed in Rosenlund 2 parking with 15SEK/1hour or 80SEK/12hours fee.