Bieszczady, Poland@2013

As a part of summer vacation in 2013 I had the chance to visit wonderful mountain region in south-eastern Poland. After short visit to the Baltic Sea, few days in Greater Poland and few days in Cracow we finally arived there late in the evening. It was something I was planning for years, and finally made it possible! :)

     We stayed for the night in a village Berezka, in a house that offered rooms for rent. Very nice place with a shop nearby, but not near any of the hiking trails so a car was a really useful thing. Not necessary though, as many people are willing to give you a ride.

So the first full day there, after a goodnight sleep, we took not so long track to Bukowe Berdo. The trail lead quite long through forest and after that through high grass.

     Unfortunately we did not reach Bukowe Berdo (1311 m a.s.l.) peak (altough we were close). We decided to go down because the weather was getting worse and it was also already quite late. As we were driving back it was already the night and the area between villages was a bit scary for the one behind the wheel - absolutely no light, very tight road, turns, turns, turns. We passed some people going back to their cars or sleeping places and they were very hard to see in advance.

Panorama from Polańczyk's view point.

Panorama from Polańczyk's view point.

     The next day was more of a lazy ones, we visited nearby city of Polańczyk that is situated next to Lake Solina. Polańczyk is a quite big (as for this region), tourist city. Many hotels, shops, restaurants (we had a very delicious dinner). Of course I needed to buy some souvenir as I always do.

Solina is a quite big, artificial lake. It was created while building Solina dam with 22 square kilometres area. Water colour is amazing although the beach can be harsh to your naked feet.. It is the biggest artificial lake in Poland. The region is fantastic both for hiking and water sports - something for everybody.

Later that day I decided that I may want to try catch sunset. We found a place in the village Werlas that was a beautiful place, but not really what I was hoping for. I wanted to get near the water, but without the knowledge of terrain it was impossible to do before sun went down.

On the third day we chose pretty popular trail to Halicz, Tarnica. We left our car in Wetlina and started climbing. The weather was great, it was hot and the views were breathtaking.

After gaining some height you could only watch and watch.. Move your hear around 360 degrees. :) On the way to Halicz peak (1333 m a.s.l.).

     We did not visit Tarnica (1346 m a.s.l.), the highest peak of Bieszczady, we only passed pretty close to it. My legs (ankles to be exact) hurt a lot because of shoes and I had trouble going down. Because of that, even though we still had one more day and first plan was to visit some other peak, the last day was another lazy one. We wanted to check some small waterfall, but when we arrived at the place it turned out that there is so much mud on the trail that it's not possible to get there. On the next day we went home. I am definitely coming back there. :)