Karkonosze (Karkonosze Mountains), Poland@2013

     Late in the 2013 I went with some work friends to the Karkonosze National Park (Polish: Karkonoski Park Narodowy). It is a National Park in the Karkonosze Mountains in south western Poland, along the border with the Czech Republic. On Friday evening, in the pouring rain, we took our first hike to the Strzecha Akademicka mountain hostel to spend the night there. In the morning the weather was much better.

On the Saturday, we went to Śnieżka (1,603.30 meters a.s.l. (5,260.2 ft)), after that we stopped for dinner at Luční bouda (Czech Rep. side). Quite nice place but overcrowded at that time. Then we continued our hike on Polish-Czech Friendship Trail. Weather got sunny and windy and the views were breathtaking. Mały and Duży Staw lakes looked amazing from the top of the trail. The Park is located in the highest part of the Sudetes.

Above - on the way to mountain Śnieżka. Below - Hostel Samotnia near Mały Staw lake.

Karkonosze National Park. Mountain Hostel Strzecha Akademicka on the right.

The Pilgrims (on the left) is a granite rock formation with height up to 25 meters. Named like that because of its resemblance to the group of people. The legend says, Pilgrims were once sinful travellers that were turn into stone by the Mountain Spirit, disappointed by their behaviour. If they ever reach the sea it will be the end of the world. Karkonosze National Park.

We spent the night at Odrodzenie mountain hostel. Sunday welcomed us with huge fog and visibility just over couple of meters. We walked in it for about half a day, following our trail leading to Szrenica mountain (1362 m a.s.l.) from were we went straight down to Szklarska Poręba city.

View on Szrenica mountain, Karkonosze National Park.

View from Szrenica mountain, Karkonosze National Park.

 View from Hala Szrenicka, Karkonosze National Park.

View from Hala Szrenicka, Karkonosze National Park.