Society6 shop

I’ve been really busy lately and the only free time I had I used to finish uploading all my artwork to Society6 shop. Took me a while but I have finally finished. :) You can check it out under this address: . Even though I haven’t really promoted much from it I have been selling stuff, it looks like the most interesting are shower curtains. I think they are pretty neat. Too bad I don’t have the need for one at my house, I would buy one for myself. :)

Next thing on the list - update more photos at Curioos shop.


I have recently opened my shop on Curioos (click here). Art prints they are offering are looking really good. Unfortunately can’t really afford to buy one right now. What was really exciting for me is that I was approached and invited to join by a Curioos employee. I never even heard of them before. I am very happy that someone found my photographs good enough to invite me to join print store! Thanks Ilana!