New digital design

Found a little time to create and upload some new designs onto S6 and RB. Here’s how they look like. :)

“  Stripes Colours  ” Wall Clock on S6

Stripes Colours” Wall Clock on S6

“  Grunge Stripes  ” Sleeveless Top on RB

Grunge Stripes” Sleeveless Top on RB

“ Snowflake Line ” Tote Bag on RB

Snowflake Line” Tote Bag on RB

“  Stripes Colours  ” Cutting Board on S6

Stripes Colours” Cutting Board on S6

“  Grunge Stripes  ” Zipper Pouch on RB

Grunge Stripes” Zipper Pouch on RB

“  Snowflake Line  ” Coffee Mug on S6

Snowflake Line” Coffee Mug on S6


I have recently opened my shop on Curioos (click here). Art prints they are offering are looking really good. Unfortunately can’t really afford to buy one right now. What was really exciting for me is that I was approached and invited to join by a Curioos employee. I never even heard of them before. I am very happy that someone found my photographs good enough to invite me to join print store! Thanks Ilana!