Site outfit

I have been thinking about redecorating for a while now, finally got myself to do it last weekend. I even looked out on different web platforms but decided in the end to stick to this one. I have added to previously existing animals and birds galleries a new ones - landscapes and b&w. I still have to rework them as well as blog entries to fit what I have in mind. But other than the content, repainting is done!

It was kind of difficult for me to find an exact way I want my material promoted on this site. On the one hand I love sharing my photos with others and usual portfolio sites are great for that, but they don't work good when you want to have multiple galleries from trips and events. And I wanted both.. Usual blog is still not the perfect way as I am rather a bad writer and usually say less than more. In conclusion.. here it is - gallery section to provide a limited showcase of theme-organized photos (the ones I particularly like) and a blog section with entries focused on different photo trips or events I handled. Hopefully it's easy to navigate around.