Thank you card and 500px gallery

Well.. Finally I've added myself to 500px community. A bit too late, as I found out. I was going for another popular site with prints selling system like RedBubble. Bad luck for me - 500px decided to discontinue prints, leaving only buying licences for particular artwork, which is not something that I wanted to participate in.. Another annoying thing is that I can't change image that was once upload. I must delete it and then upload it as a new artwork. But I guess that's a must with licensing..

Anyway - I decided to stay there - here's the link. :) I'm still in the process of uploading all the photos that are available on RB and dA.

And talking about RedBubble - I received a letter from the Team. Like a real letter (not an email), a card to be exact. I was very surprised by that fact, I didn't expect it at all. It is a "thank you" card, for being a part of the community. Signed by somebody with a pen which is awesome because this somebody had to put this effort and actually do it. And I believe I'm not the only who received such card which is even more awesome. It's really nice!

RB card