Contest result and winter holidays

So.. My last entry was about a contest which I took part in and - woohoo! - I won! This is my first ever victory in a photo contest. I don't enter them much, because those who have prestige and/or good prizes are the ones where I don't really stand a chance. And those which I stand some chance are about who-has-the-most-friends-that-can-click-like, and that is not really about the quality, composition, idea. I am not the person that would spam everyone to vote for me. So that leaves not so big amount of contests that I enter.

Long story shot - I won a 1kg bag of coffee! Big thanks to for creating this contest and to for sponsoring this prize! Results are only available as a video and in Polish only - if that fits you go and check them.


On the other topic - I have some photos that wait for publication but I just can't force myself to do that. I hope that during winter break (that started today for me) I will do some catch up. I managed to add lynx photo to animal gallery that was taken earlier this year in Wrocław ZOO.

Eurasian Lynx