A bit of news

So, I got back from Iceland. It was awesome, such a magnificent island with tons of places worth a photograph. I made a lot of photos and will be processing them for at least few weeks (unfortunately I have my regular day job). They will gradually appear here and on Facebook.

In couple of days I have another trip coming, this time Ukraine, Pripyat and Chernobyl area. This is a one week trip and my vacation days will be almost gone, so I guess this is last bigger trip this year.

Having in mind the possibility of doing photos in tight spaces in Pripyat and having in mind that my Canon 7D is an APSC I bought Samyang 8mm lenses and gave them a field test in Iceland. I must say that I am happy with the effect and quality. It is still a lot to think about when shooting (Samyang is a manual lens). I hope I won't mess too much photos because of bad settings.

I have added categories to my blog entries, they appear now on the left from posts date. For example by clicking on "travel", you will see only blog entries that contain photos from trips. This way you can browse through similar entries.

Aside from very general category like travel or animals I created more specific that represent the country which photos were taken in, or urbex (shortcut for urban exploration) or events (for example for a music festival). This entry goes into news category. :)

And last thing, RB introduced a new product, wall tapestries (they are on sale now). I am actually surprised by that, it's definitely not popular in Poland, perhaps in some other countries it's a thing? Anyway, I am adding this product to my portfolio but it's going slow because of slow editing interface. Here's how it may look like. Click on a photo to check it for yourself.

My work   Jokulsarlon

My work Jokulsarlon