New digital design

Found a little time to create and upload some new designs onto S6 and RB. Here’s how they look like. :)

“  Stripes Colours  ” Wall Clock on S6

Stripes Colours” Wall Clock on S6

“  Grunge Stripes  ” Sleeveless Top on RB

Grunge Stripes” Sleeveless Top on RB

“ Snowflake Line ” Tote Bag on RB

Snowflake Line” Tote Bag on RB

“  Stripes Colours  ” Cutting Board on S6

Stripes Colours” Cutting Board on S6

“  Grunge Stripes  ” Zipper Pouch on RB

Grunge Stripes” Zipper Pouch on RB

“  Snowflake Line  ” Coffee Mug on S6

Snowflake Line” Coffee Mug on S6

New camera

Finally switched to full frame!! <happy dance> Replaced my 7D with 5D MKIII, of course a used one. ;) But I am very happy, done few photo shoots, even my garden bird photos look a lot better. And I improved the thing that limited me the most with 7D - ISO range and picture quality in low light. I feel good about this change. Now I need to sell it with APSC dedicated lenses to buy a new wide lens for 5D. :)

Society6 shop

I’ve been really busy lately and the only free time I had I used to finish uploading all my artwork to Society6 shop. Took me a while but I have finally finished. :) You can check it out under this address: . Even though I haven’t really promoted much from it I have been selling stuff, it looks like the most interesting are shower curtains. I think they are pretty neat. Too bad I don’t have the need for one at my house, I would buy one for myself. :)

Next thing on the list - update more photos at Curioos shop.


I have recently opened my shop on Curioos (click here). Art prints they are offering are looking really good. Unfortunately can’t really afford to buy one right now. What was really exciting for me is that I was approached and invited to join by a Curioos employee. I never even heard of them before. I am very happy that someone found my photographs good enough to invite me to join print store! Thanks Ilana!


Not so long ago, Society6 had added coasters to their product list. They look pretty nice, I haven't purchased any for me to see (yet). It's exciting to create 4 images to make a nice tabletop set. I have many ideas, but of course, time is an issue.. Check what I've made so far. :)

"Dare to be different"

"Dare to be different"

"Foggy forest"

"Foggy forest"

"Pixel Car"

"Pixel Car"



I will be making more. :)


RedBubble had made it's decision to completely remove calendars from their offer. It's sad to see them go, I really like the way they were designed. But, what's done is done, they are already gone from the site. Currently the only POD service that I use, that has calendars, is deviantArt. I have there the same offer I had on RB but probably they require a little polishing from me. Too bad that a day has only 24 hours. ;)

The easiest way to see my calendars is to follow this link.


Site outfit

I have been thinking about redecorating for a while now, finally got myself to do it last weekend. I even looked out on different web platforms but decided in the end to stick to this one. I have added to previously existing animals and birds galleries a new ones - landscapes and b&w. I still have to rework them as well as blog entries to fit what I have in mind. But other than the content, repainting is done!

It was kind of difficult for me to find an exact way I want my material promoted on this site. On the one hand I love sharing my photos with others and usual portfolio sites are great for that, but they don't work good when you want to have multiple galleries from trips and events. And I wanted both.. Usual blog is still not the perfect way as I am rather a bad writer and usually say less than more. In conclusion.. here it is - gallery section to provide a limited showcase of theme-organized photos (the ones I particularly like) and a blog section with entries focused on different photo trips or events I handled. Hopefully it's easy to navigate around.

FAA removal

I have removed my account from FineArtAmerica. For some time now, they required a submission to be able to sell more than 25 pieces of artwork and since I haven't ever sold anything there I decided it's not worth the effort (or cost).

To fill the hole I decided to try my luck on Society6. I'm in a process of uploading my work there. We'll see how that goes. :)

A bit of news

So, I got back from Iceland. It was awesome, such a magnificent island with tons of places worth a photograph. I made a lot of photos and will be processing them for at least few weeks (unfortunately I have my regular day job). They will gradually appear here and on Facebook.

In couple of days I have another trip coming, this time Ukraine, Pripyat and Chernobyl area. This is a one week trip and my vacation days will be almost gone, so I guess this is last bigger trip this year.

Having in mind the possibility of doing photos in tight spaces in Pripyat and having in mind that my Canon 7D is an APSC I bought Samyang 8mm lenses and gave them a field test in Iceland. I must say that I am happy with the effect and quality. It is still a lot to think about when shooting (Samyang is a manual lens). I hope I won't mess too much photos because of bad settings.

I have added categories to my blog entries, they appear now on the left from posts date. For example by clicking on "travel", you will see only blog entries that contain photos from trips. This way you can browse through similar entries.

Aside from very general category like travel or animals I created more specific that represent the country which photos were taken in, or urbex (shortcut for urban exploration) or events (for example for a music festival). This entry goes into news category. :)

And last thing, RB introduced a new product, wall tapestries (they are on sale now). I am actually surprised by that, it's definitely not popular in Poland, perhaps in some other countries it's a thing? Anyway, I am adding this product to my portfolio but it's going slow because of slow editing interface. Here's how it may look like. Click on a photo to check it for yourself.

My work   Jokulsarlon

My work Jokulsarlon

Contest result and winter holidays

So.. My last entry was about a contest which I took part in and - woohoo! - I won! This is my first ever victory in a photo contest. I don't enter them much, because those who have prestige and/or good prizes are the ones where I don't really stand a chance. And those which I stand some chance are about who-has-the-most-friends-that-can-click-like, and that is not really about the quality, composition, idea. I am not the person that would spam everyone to vote for me. So that leaves not so big amount of contests that I enter.

Long story shot - I won a 1kg bag of coffee! Big thanks to for creating this contest and to for sponsoring this prize! Results are only available as a video and in Polish only - if that fits you go and check them.


On the other topic - I have some photos that wait for publication but I just can't force myself to do that. I hope that during winter break (that started today for me) I will do some catch up. I managed to add lynx photo to animal gallery that was taken earlier this year in Wrocław ZOO.

Eurasian Lynx

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

No matter if you celebrate Christmas or not, I would like to wish you all a quiet, happy time with your family or friends. Celebrate yourselves, stay positive and don't eat too much. ;) I wish for the upcoming year to be full of fun surprises, to have more things done, to do some good photos and be happy as much as possible!

I did not prepare any themed photo as many of my photographer friends did, so here's something from my other, geeky side, ASCII tree. :)

ASCII Christmas tree

Work featured on RedBubble

Everyday RedBubble site feature some of the users work on their homepage. About a month ago they featured one of my work called Lofoten, taken in Norway earlier this year (photos are available on Facebook).

Taken in Lofoten Islands, Norway@2015

Taken in Lofoten Islands, Norway@2015

It's not the first time some of my work had been featured this way. I was happy of course, but didn't expect that much attention after this.

Previously featured photos -  Winter's coming    and  Rays of light

Previously featured photos - Winter's coming and Rays of light

Over the course of month, Lofoten was sold 21 times on various products such as stickers, hardcover journals or laptop sleeves, which also led to second feature by RedBubble on their Blog - 10 Laptop Skins Perfect for People Who Hate the Outdoors. This photo (and others as well) received a lot of love from other users so I can easily say that July was one of the best months when it comes to earnings on the site. August also looking good! So, thank you people, you are the best!

Hardcover journal and laptop skin.

Hardcover journal and laptop skin.

New design toy

Recently I came across very useful yet very simple application to create patterns from every image you upload to it. It's quite fun, a bit like looking through kaleidoscope when searching for a pattern you like. It's called Repper pro. Check this short video that shows the possibilities of this app.

I bought the full version of course (29EUR). Check their website: . And here are some cool stuff I've been able to create with it.

"Metal flowers" throw pillow, available at Redbubble shop:

"Metal flowers" throw pillow, available at Redbubble shop:

"Green triangles" bedsheets, available at Redbubble store:

"Green triangles" bedsheets, available at Redbubble store:

"Purple buttons" laptop casing, available at Redbubble store:

"Purple buttons" laptop casing, available at Redbubble store:

"Snowflake" tote bag, available at Redbubble store:

"Snowflake" tote bag, available at Redbubble store:

Thank you card and 500px gallery

Well.. Finally I've added myself to 500px community. A bit too late, as I found out. I was going for another popular site with prints selling system like RedBubble. Bad luck for me - 500px decided to discontinue prints, leaving only buying licences for particular artwork, which is not something that I wanted to participate in.. Another annoying thing is that I can't change image that was once upload. I must delete it and then upload it as a new artwork. But I guess that's a must with licensing..

Anyway - I decided to stay there - here's the link. :) I'm still in the process of uploading all the photos that are available on RB and dA.

And talking about RedBubble - I received a letter from the Team. Like a real letter (not an email), a card to be exact. I was very surprised by that fact, I didn't expect it at all. It is a "thank you" card, for being a part of the community. Signed by somebody with a pen which is awesome because this somebody had to put this effort and actually do it. And I believe I'm not the only who received such card which is even more awesome. It's really nice!

RB card