Hi there, it's so nice of you to drop by! You must be one of my friends or a person who step upon one of my works over the Internet. Either way it is a good day for me.

As you may already know, I primarily do photos, nature photography, both animals and landscapes. I also do some digital work, or I least I am trying to. I usually do not photograph people because I do not feel that comfortable with it.

Since you're already here and reading this I would like to say, that if you find my work easy on the eye, you can support me via different channels. At this point I am present on Facebook, deviantART, RedBubble, 500px, Photocrowd, Society6, Curioos and Twitter.  All 'likes', 'favs' or comments are always appreciated. If you want to support me financially (a better photo gear would do me good) buy some of my work (via art galleries).

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