Spring in Białowieża - Day 2

The second day was rather lazy with little activity near the hide. There was a single male Mallard, single Common Crane wandering around almost all day, single Red Fox, few Common Wood Pigeons that landed so far that none of the photos looks good enough (the same goes for Eurasian Jay). At the end of the day few Roe Deers came along with some Eurasian Bisons. So, to sum up, not so many photos from that day.

When you have so lazy day the situation in hide is like this. :) One person looking, others sleeping.


Spring in Białowieża - day 3

I'll start from the end, just like on Facebook. :)

Last day of shooting was short, we only had in plan to capture Eurasian Pygmy Owl, the smallest Owl in Europe. We started early in the morning with snow and cold. I hoped for some nice weather (it was end of April), but naah. Also the Owl wasn't very cooperative as it was sitting on high branches and there was no possibility to get close enough for some nice shots. So here are only few that look good enough to put them on the Internet. :)

After I packed and got ready to leave the weather changed and the day became sunny and warm. Puszcza Bialowieska this time of a year was especially beautiful with all the ground forest covered with a carpet made of little white flowers. Absolutely stunning view which I tried to capture on the camera but it really does not give the beauty of it.

Table Mountains

This weekend I took a short trip to Table Mountains. Since I've been there many times I didn't take much photos. Turned out, that I missed a monkey resembling stone formation before. And I've done hiking trail over Szczeliniec Wielki over 5 times already.. It really does look like a monkey, doesn't it? :)

I have also visited a place I've never been to before. It's what was left of Karol's Fort, which was built in 1790 by Prussian king Frederick William II to guard the border between Prussia and Austria. There's really almost nothing left except for a stone window and a viewing platform (that held 2 cannons). The view from the platform came out really bad, so no photos today, maybe next time. ;)

Jizera Mountains

Ahh so much photos, so little time. '-.-

Here are few shots from my last mountain hike. Getting fit for Bulgaria trip next week. :) 21 km in 5 and half hour, not so bad. Plan was for 24 km, but I was feelin' kinda tired, so I shortened it up a bit. The weather was rather cold and windy but I deliberately chose that over sunny Sunday to have more space on the track.

Map of my hike

Map of my hike