Some time ago I saw on one of internet forums lovely photographs from a small lake. I already knew I need to see this place with my own eyes. When I acquired it's location, I picked a day with a good weather and drove there to watch the sunset.

     I didn't find out how is this lake called, but the village it is nearest to, it's Kondratowice. The lake itself is very small, the road there goes through fields and it's quite bumpy. There are some fishes inside (there were a few fisherman there), also a number of mosquitoes was very high and eventually made me leave. But the view was definitely worth it. I also took the chance to practice long time shots. The mountain in the distance is called Ślęża (718 m a.s.l.).


Something new appeared in Animals gallery. It's a photo of a Chameleon (specific specie unknown to me) taken at Zoo-Botanica fair last year. It was really hard to take a good picture due to large amount of people and very bad photo conditions such as low light and cages that would be visible no matter what you do and where you stand. So I believe this photo will be the only one from this event. I may post some fishes to deviantArt as a wallpaper, but will see about that. Have a nice day. :)

Thanks Jimi 2013

Uhh, finally! I took quite some time (over a year) to process couple of shots from 2013 edition of Thanks Jimi Festival that's being held in a beautiful city of Wrocław, Poland. For those who don't know - it's an annual event, one day, when thousands of guitarists meet to jointly perform a song by Jimi Hendrix - "Hey Joe" and try to break Guiness world record. The last record comes from 2014 edition (which I did not attend) with 7344 people playing. For more information check official website: http://en.heyjoe.pl/ . Click on the photo to see full story.